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Give players a better experience when playing in Training mode.

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BepInEx pack for Lethal League Blaze. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1900
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A library to help making LLB mods easier.

Preferred version: 0.8.8



Version: 2.1.0
Authors: Daioutzu, MrGentle, Leibniz, Mecha, Axolotl, Glomzubuk
Release Data: 28/10/20

This mod was made to give players a better experience when playing in Training mode in Lethal League Blaze.

Features include:

  • Hitbox Viewer
  • Fastfall indicator
  • Angle Drawer
  • Frame Advance
  • Training Partner



Training Partner:

  • Added new setting to remove an angle from the "Random" Angle Mode.
  • Fixed "Intangible Partner" option from affecting the player.
  • Few UI tweaks and code clean up


Angle Drawer:

  • Trace ball follow through can now be set to 1-10 Bounces.
  • Added "Options" to customise each angles reflect amount.

Corpse Spawner:

Hitbox Mod:

  • Ball Hitbox changes colour depending on if you can Parry or Special
    Normal: Blue.
    Can Parry: Yellow.
    Can Special: Cyan. Has Priority over "Can Parry"
  • Added Full Charge indicator as white swing hitbox.
  • Fixed Corpses not showing a hitbox.

Training Partner:

  • Added "Training Partner" window to Trainig lobby for easier visibility of the feature.
  • Partner's Character is now visible in the lobby.
  • Added "Random" as a possible character pick.
  • Fixed the possiblity of matching skins. Training sessions will now be less awkward.
  • Fixed Training partner not leaving when you disabled the mod. It just wanted to be noticed UwU.
  • "Can't hit partner" renamed to "Intangible Partner"
  • "No Gravity" renamed to "Fixed Air Position"
  • Partner no longer gets hit even if "Can't hit partner" was on.
  • Added "None" as a Swing Type.
  • Added "Swing Spammer" mode to 'better train against online opponents' ;)
  • Training Partner just learned how to parry with frame levels of accuracy though doesn't go for the instant parry.
  • 100% chance of parry, but is whiling to reduce it by 10% increments.

State System:

  • Added Quick Restart option for Gamepad. (Select + Taunt)
  • Pause time is now a toggle
  • Continoius frame advance while Holding the "Advance Frame" key
  • Fixed Frame Advance, ect from being used online.


  • Added "Character Info" window with:
    • Hurt Boxes
    • Hit Boxes
    • Angles
    • Movment
    • Current Ability
    • Player Info
    • Options
    • All Ability States
    • Save States
  • Added All keybinds to the "Advanced Training" control menu.
  • GUI now scales with screen Size.
  • Some UI Changes

Available versions

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